Take a stroll and let your desired path determine your wayfinding and sonic experience of the site.

Score for Here is a platform for site-specific sonic experiences composed through geolocation. The project invites visitors to compose soundscapes in real time as they navigate the site, and is streamed on the visitor’s mobile connection. The site’s blueprint–designed paths, landscaping, open spaces–designates each sound element’s triggering zone while each visitor’s navigation of the site functions as an aleatory compositional principle.

The project is inspired both by the asymmetric dispute of contested boundaries and cartographies, and what is known in urban planning and landscape architecture as “desire paths.” Considering geolocative software is traditionally designed to guide and direct, Score for Here repurposes it as an aleatory compositional principle that inspires divergence.

The app will remain available on-site indefinitely and will change overtime while the database of usable samples continues to grow. Rather than a seamless, finished artwork for consumption, the work is a morphing proposition, a catalyst for speculation and potential transformation.

Score for Here was created by Jimena Sarno.
Score for Here: LASHP was commissioned by Clockshop LA, and was funded in part by an ArtCenter Faculty Council Grant.

download the free app: