Score for Here is a is a platform for site-specific sonic experiences using modified field recordings and samples remixed through a custom geolocative app that functions as an aleatory compositional principle. The free, downloadable app allows each visitor to compose sound in real time determined by the choreography of their navigation choice. The experience is streamed on your mobile connection.

Find yourself at the soudwalk location. You can start your experience anywhere within the soundwalk boundaries.

After you've started the experience, you can see your current position as the blue dot. Entering a sound zone on the map will trigger that sound, and the zone will highlight on the map.

Tapping on a zone on the map will bring up more info.

To best experience score for here, don’t plan your route; walk around and explore. Stay on the path or venture where there are no paths. and put your phone in your pocket for a more immersive listening experience.

You will have to physically be at the soudwalk site to listen. If you have any problems, please drop us a line:

donwload the free app: